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Trish Power is a genuine local who knows the Bay Area markets well. She is professional and thorough yet warm and supportive. From the thorough analysis of the market, to the staging and prep of a property, she does it all. She has the needed technology skills to keep up with the very fast moving local markets and a most remarkable collection of support professionals to address every aspect of what can be a daunting task. Most of all Trish is unwavering in her positive, upbeat nature. I was undeniably fortunate to have chosen Trish Power to manage the sale of my property.

Jason & Ruth

We had the pleasure of working with trish power this last fall to sell our home in Montara. Her and her husband fred helped get our house ready to sell and on The market quickly. Trish and fred make a great team. They gave us lots of Valuable advice. When it came time to put the house on the market, trish used all of her resources and held open house every weekend. Trish was always available via text or phone for questions or anything we needed. We sold our House quickly and couldn't be more satisfied with trish's performance during the Entire process! We highly recommend trish power for your real estate needs.

Jack Coons

First off, let me just say Trish is kind, hardworking, and ready to help you in any capacity you need. My husband and I recently were going through open houses on a sunny weekend in Montara and fell in love with a house. Trish was doing the open house but not the listing agent for the home. I sent her a few questions the next day which she responded to them all promptly. She negotiated the price down for us and then helped get our current house on the market in a week. She juggled cleaners, photographers, inspections at both properties, stagers, and even helped me do touch up painting on our home to get it ready for open houses. We ended up with 6 bids on our house and $50,000 more than asking price! She is extremely well organized, always kept us in the loop, and even found us a mortgage broker whom was able to get us a ridiculously low interest rate. I cannot recommend Trish enough and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You are in expert hands with Trish.


We were blown away by our experience with Trish Power as our realtor! My mother wanted to sell the family home she had owned for decades, but she wanted my brother and me to handle all the details. We interviewed four brokers, but only Trish instantly recognized the home’s assets as well as suggesting just the right amount of change needed to maximize the selling price. Still, we weren’t sure about how we were going to pay for the updates and were hesitant about how much to invest in the changes. We were thrilled when Trish explained the Compass Concierge Program! It allowed us to do everything necessary and Trish even helped us find the perfect contractors. She made sure everything was done on schedule. To top it off, Trish personally paid for spectacular home staging and beautiful photographs. We had a fantastic transformation and she thoroughly marketed the home through networking, a website and online. The property sold, over ask, in less than a week! Trish is professional, thorough and an absolute pleasure to work with! I can whole-heartedly recommend her!

Chuck & Diana Ireland

Thank you very much for helping us sell our home in Baywood Knolls. We have purchased two homes and sold one 28 years ago. So we knew very little about the process. You took care of that and brought in your experts to talk about staging, inspections, and how best to present our home. Jointly we made the decision to initially market the house “off market”. That lasted several days, you were always here for us, and we received a great offer. All cash, no conditions, $100,000 more than the price, escrow close in five days, and 60 days free rent back while we looked for a new home in Santa Cruz. The speed of the process overwhelmed us. We were hesitant but you, and others, reassured us that this was a great deal and we should accept the offer. You accompanied us during escrow and thru completion of the deal. It all went smoothly and the house was sold and the money was deposited in our account in one week. You were aware of our apprehension and stayed with as we nervously moved forward. 3 East Third Avenue | San Mateo, CA 94401 | 650.548.1111 | apr.com Since then you have been looking with us for available houses in Santa Cruz. Because of your performance we have gone forward with your recommendation for a realtor in Santa Cruz. We cannot imagine how this story could end any better. We are indebted to you for your time, professionalism, market knowledge, and guiding us through the stressful process of selling our home.

Lau Hodges & Eric Shapiro

To say working with Trish Power was an incredible experience doesn’t even began to explain the journey we went on with her. To set the stage: we were looking for our first home, we both have blue collar jobs (which are solid but do not make us ‘Bay Area wealthy’ by any stretch of the imagination), and we met Trish at an open house that we were blatantly just being nosey at. Like so many similar weekends we had gone to see local open houses, most of which were nearly $1M over our budget. We told her our price range and exchanged information. We had done it a dozen times. But here’s the thing Trish was one of two that called us back. And when we reiterated our budget she became the only one to check in on us. She didn’t beat around the bush. She told us it would be tough. Our budget was modest and we wanted to be between Montara and Half Moon Bay, on the coast no condo with a garden and some historical flair and original hardwoods preferably a clawfoot tub the list went on from there. Trish didn’t flinch at the challenge, she strategized. It took two years. Yep, Trish Power worked on this challenge for two years. There was an offer - out bid by a buyer with cash because this is the Bay Area after all. Over the two years there were tears, there were late night stressful phone calls, there were celebrations of new jobs, stories of pets and we got to know Trish’s husband. We couldn’t be happier with our adorable 1929 cottage. And it was Trish who got us here. Her ability to stay calm under pressure, think outside the box, seemingly be everywhere at once (we’re convinced she came to more meetings then you’re average real estate agent - or do they all offer to help you move?), explain every part of the process and negotiate a deal are unmatched. We cannot recommend Trish Power enough.

Michael Hart

Life’s changes can often seem to converge at one time and seemingly be overwhelming. Such is the case when my family and I decided to settle in California and start the home search. Having been a home owner for nigh on 25 years, I felt I was adequately prepared for the buying experience in California. After several failed attempts at writing offers I finally concluded I needed some help. It was at that time that my wife and I were touring a home that we met Trish Power, and things changed considerably, and for the better. In this market it is important to remember that the supply is limited and you don’t negotiate price with the owner, you negotiate with other buyers. In those homes that we attempted to buy there were a minimum of five offers and sometimes into the double digits. Subsequently you need a partner that is both familiar with the way the market works and nuances of navigating both current and upcoming inventory. Where Trish set herself apart lies in several key qualities: 1. Accessibility: Your partner needs to be ready to act on a home as soon as it is known. In this market there are offer dates and if you miss it the date you more than likely will miss the opportunity. Trish is responsive and well connected which means you are going to get houses as soon as they hit the market. 2. Be Preemptive: In some cases realtors reach out to colleagues with homes that are about to hit the market and as a buyer you can land a deal before the house hits the MLS. Trish excelled at bringing in the upcoming homes, getting us into many to view early. This helped shape whether we wanted to make an offer or wait. 3. Patience is Key: It’s hard not to get emotionally charged when you miss an opportunity and Trish did a fantastic job of first gauging the overall interest, targeted price, and subsequently level setting our expectations. 4. Relationships Matter: It’s sort of counterintuitive, but in a market where homes are appreciating at upwards of 7-15% per year, owners are not always driven by the best price, but rather the combination of the realtor relationship, the family buying, and of course the price. This is where Trish again was able to bring significant value in at that she’s well connected and also very respected in the real-estate community. This means a more informed and better presented offer with a higher chance of success. 5. You Need a Friend: In the end you really need someone who genuinely listens and works with you as a partner and not a commission. During the weeks we worked together it was intense and very personal and out of that came a friendship that transcends the home buying experience. In summary, buying a home in this market is a marathon, not a sprint. Anyone can send you an automated email of the most recent MLS activity, but few will work to get you a home you and your family can be happy in. Trish is fully committed to the entire experience, not just the writing of an offer. To that end, I would fully recommend you consider working with Trish in your endeavor to find that home which you seek. She will work tirelessly to ensure that both your purchase and your experience are fun and exciting.

Jason & Ruth

We sold our House quickly and couldn't be more satisfied with trish's performance during the Entire process! We highly recommend trish power for your real estate needs.

Grant Walters

Every sale is different and her expert approach to Real Estate transactions puts the individual needs of the buyer and seller first, and promises a better outcome for everyone.

John & Michelle

She is dedicated and hardworking and always has your best interests in mind. It was by far the smoothest transaction we had been through. We are delighted with our new home!

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